Inner Engineering
Problems come when people are passionate about only one thing, or when they are passionate in an exclusive way. This often leads to isolation; living an exclusive existence with very limited involvement will only lead to frustration and pain.
The reason why somebody is free of prejudice is that his identifications are not too strong. The moment your identification is strong with something you are naturally prejudiced towards that. Whether you are for it or against it, you naturally become prejudiced. So you said, "I do not know any spirituality." This is spirituality: to weaken the identification so that it slowly dissolves.
Now if you want to transcend your limitations, first of all, you have to grow into receptivity. Feminine means receptivity; you have to become receptive. Masculine is good for survival. But if you want to receive something more, you have to become feminine. I repeat, do not understand masculine and feminine as physical bodies.
Education is about making the child grow with an uncluttered intelligence. An intelligence that is not identified and entangled in religion, doctrine, or prejudice will naturally lead to ultimate blossoming of the individual.
Our social structures have created extremely complicated survival processes. A child’s ability to look at life with utter freshness and involvement is slowly disappearing. It is the duty and responsibility of our educational systems to bring that back. Education can never be a profession – it must be a passion. In the process of education, it is very important to see that the child does not lose his joyfulness, his spontaneity, or his ability to be truthful without any fear of consequence. At the Home School, we are striving to create the necessary platform where education is not about loading the child’s mind with information, but about making the child’s mind capable of razor sharp perception, capable of knowing life in its full depth and dimension. Education is about expanding the horizons of human experience and becoming inclusive. Only in a state of inclusiveness can the empowerment of education become a bounty all of us may cherish.
What you know is not the problem in your life, the more you know the better it is...knowledge is not causing problems, you are identified with what you know that is what it is causing problems, if you learn to be not identified with what you know, all that you know whether is consider a great knowledge or small knowledge both will be useful to live a life, so knowledge is not the problem, you get identified with every bit of information that you gather is the problem.
The more you try to be special the further you get from the truth.
Spirituality is not about becoming special. It is about becoming one with everything.
So the source of creation is within you right now and that is joyfulness. If this fundamental force of creation finds expression in your life, if you allow it to move out, joyfulness is just the only way you can be.
Integrity is not about the action but its purpose. Are you doing it for everyone’s wellbeing or for your own benefit?