Inner Engineering
Language is a conspiracy. I am making sounds - you are assuming a meaning.
Spirituality is not about god or heaven, spirituality is about exploring the ultimate limits of who you are.
Most of your desires are not really about yourself. You just picked them up from your social surroundings.
You are a piece of Creation. You clearly know this Creation is happening from within, not from outside. So, the source of Creation is within you.
The most significant aspect of Jesus’s teaching was about living without prejudice, without seeing who is yours and who is not yours. Only then would one know the kingdom of God.
When he said, “Only children will enter the kingdom of God,” he was not talking about little children, he was talking about one who is childlike, one who doesn’t have foregone conclusions about everything; unprejudiced.
It is time to look beyond belief systems and look at life the way it is.
Jesus’ words have brought much sacrifice, piety and love to the world, but the most important aspect of his life; the crux and the bedrock of his teaching is, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”
Unfortunately, the most crucial elements that Jesus spoke of have been forgotten. It is time to bring back the essence of his words – not only for a particular group, but for everyone. Let the spirit of Jesus live.
No true seeking can happen if one assumes what is at the other end. Only when one realizes he or she does not know, is seeking genuine. It then becomes possible to take the next step and see what is happening with oneself.